X-Mas Edition

X-Mas Edition

Bangkok, 14 December 2015, 14:37

Not being a Christian or following any religion or belief, I have to resort to other methods, in the hope of getting any contributions to my BLOOK attempt.

Why not a letter to Santa?


Having seen that kids (and adults) send letters to a fat guy called Santa, I have to admit that he is not in my extensive (even impressive) list of contacts.

Realizing that the Internet is everywhere and omnipotent, I shall post my X-Mas message on my blog, hoping that he (or even one of his helpers) sees it and my wish will be granted. For this scene, I don’t need any imaginary helpers, we all know that Santa is real…right? He’s on WikiPedia so he MUST be real. 

Dear Santa (or anyone with a giving heart)

Below is a screen captured image of my X-Mas wish (fig1). I know you guys are busy there in wherever-you-really-live, but please take a moment to help me get my blook done. At the moment I am working on a free WordPress platform and my storage is limited to 3GB (fig2).

fig 1

My allocated storage is almost used up and I am only a few days into the journey of TWO YEARS, to reach my goal. Beggars can’t be choosers and I would really like to upgrade my WordPress account to ANY of the offered packages, so that I don’t lose any information and can also make this journey easier and more insightful for my readers.

fig 2

I know that times are tough, one look at my bank balance tells me that there will be no X-Mas celebration for my wife and I this YEAR. That’s not a problem ‘cos we’ve both faced our lives without CHEER.

Now, without being a POET, because we both already KNOW-IT. I’ll make it RHYME, just this last TIME.

fig 3

I’ve had many views from all over the world and I have spent many hours trying to learn about what my readers want, also about how they want it presented to them.

This is good for a blog so young and I will continue to learn, as I write

From the mails that I have received, I have also learned that my readers enjoyed what I have done thus far and their suggestions, criticisms and advice have not gone unheeded.

Santa (or anyone real that can help), I don’t have a fireplace for a sock, or any X-mas tree but I do have this contribution site.


If you have some funds that won’t make you have a less-happy X-Mas, I would really REALLY appreciate your help, right about now… If you don’t have/don’t want to/ don’t really care, that’s OK too but could you at least SHARE this message with someone that may be able to contribute?

Well, I tried and I can now only hope that it will reach the ear of Santa or any benefactors that can assist me to get a WordPress upgrade.

Thanking you for your kind considerations of my request.

Kindest regards,


Author: The Fat Milton Story