Trump For President 2016

The sentence I never thought I would write…

“Trump for President! 2016!”

Bangkok, 20 December 2015, 09:10



Despite the seemingly illogical header, I wrote it and I am publishing it… and I am still hating myself for doing it! I would hate myself even more if I didn’t write and publish it.

Without going into much detail, I have to tell my dear readers why I decided to write that sentence and why they might want to start thinking along the same lines.

In a nutshell, Trump is the ONLY candidate that will not dump all of us into a Thermonuclear and life-as-we-know-it-ending World War 4 situation! (WWIII winding up at present)

Having studied the contenders in this race (farce) and analyzing their stances and utterances, I am left with a single conclusion…

ALL the other contenders have expansionist and meddling foreign affairs viewpoints that leave no alternative but a Red-Telephone decision to end lives!

Trump is the only presidential campaigner that does not share these views and seems to indicate that his outlook about the future of the USA is just that…ABOUT THE USA! – He has expressed amazingly stupid statements that, on final analysis, leaves one without a doubt that he is concerned about American issues and what affects American lives and business. He doesn’t ignore the dangers of terrorism but his offered solutions are based on safety and security IN and about the USA.

Make no mistake, I dislike Trump to a degree that it could probably be called HATE. That being said, his obnoxious personality, egocentric and anti-feminist, bombastic and crude talk is forgiven, in the context of my weighing those against the very survival of mankind.

Trump for President 2016

– There, I said it again.

Now excuse me for a minute while I go cleanse my mouth from this vile taste!