Chapter 42 – The road to hell…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions – a Proverb

Bangkok, Thailand, 5 December 2015, 08:06 (updated 8 December, 08:00)… all updates added in my trusty virtual red pen!

roadtohellMany people reading this blog have written emails to me, asking questions, making suggestion and, in general being very supportive of my efforts. Not being a “professional writer”, I take all of these suggestions very seriously and try to incorporate them into what I am doing. 

One message, asking me about the chapter numbers and titles, wanted to know if they have/had a specific meaning. The short answer is YES, they most definitely have a meaning and every aspect of this blog, eventual book, has a specific purpose/intention. My intentions are pretty much clear…to me. Like the chapter number (42- “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”)

However, that being said, the very same intentions also happen to change and evolve. My original intention was to write this specific chapter much later on. It was intended to happen sometime next year. Several things happened that changed that…

The first reason was a look at my fundraising campaign

The “dashboard” is a really nifty feature, thanks IndieGoGo.


It showed me that 64 of my visitors thus far have been from the USA.


Incidentally, it also showed me that I had a referral from “Bright Blue Gorilla”, thanks mate (primate), intended or not, I appreciate the help!

My original intentions for this chapter were changed by those two facts.

Firstly, it triggered a very anti-American feeling, because many of those American readers “cheated”, reading the “Extra Easter Egg” page without making the required contribution..      🙂 Your contributions now would be most welcome! 

Secondly, it also dawned on me that my originally intended readers were not the only people that were going to be reading this blog and eventual book.

Why is that important?

Join me as we delve into, what is set to become, a most interesting day….Having coffee, be right back! … Sorry for the interruptions but I want you to know that this blog is LIVE, it is not produced from some prefabricated script or set of documents.

Right, where were we…First of all, a little legal chore. ..
1. The writing and opinions that follow are based on my recollection of events and documents/emails in my possession.
2. My use of real people’s names is intentional.
3. And on the Eighth day, the Lord made a backup copy and he saw that it was good and said “go forth and multiply!”
4. Anything you mail can and will be used against you.
5. Every statement in this blog could quite possibly be true.

With that out of the way, let me start this chapter by telling you MY intentions.
Though very long, I’ll divide the chapter in two parts because I want two specific people to read it. Their names are Mr. Robert Young Pelton and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. Other people may read it too, actually I know that others are reading it right now!

  • Robert Young Pelton (hereafter RYP) should read it and make a decision about “setting things right” …That he does read it, I can assure to a large degree. However, his decision about what he does afterwards, is his own.
  • Mark Zuckerberg (MZ) should read it and change this world. He should read it for a very different reason than RYP and in changing the world, also set himself free from a very dangerous enemy.

By telling you my intentions, it might seem to you that they are absolutely unrealistic. From my point of view, they are not only realistic but also 100% certain. How can I say that?

Many, many moons ago, I was a “spy”. The correct term for that, in my case, would be “Military Intelligence Officer”. Now, without being too boastful, I happened to be a very good spy, handling cases inside South Africa and eventually outside our borders. Being a spy was not a glamorous job, quite the opposite. It was nothing like the 007 movies! Instead it was a dirty, obnoxious and soul-destroying series of confrontations with the worst kind of people this planet has managed to produce to date.

Terrible as it was, it taught me an immensely valuable skill, the “art” of Social Engineering. More precisely, as related to my job and tasks, how to control situations that involve people. During those years I had tea with terrorists and beer with barbarians…

Having said that, while also becoming pretty good at being a spy, I was becoming incredibly unreliable, in the eyes of my handler. To the point of actually being a liability for my country. The reason?

Unfortunately, I started attaching too much importance to one word…. TRUTH.

Let’s set the scene for today’s chapter.
ACT 1 – Robert Young Pelton and I are sitting across from each other at a desk. (My original intention was for a third person –RR- to be here as well but I heard that he passed away recently – r.i.p.- so again, my intentions had to change)

Me: Mr. Pelton, thanks for coming. I know you’re a busy guy. Do you know why I invited you?
RYP: No, just make it quick, I have things to do and movies to make!
Me: Robert…can I call you that? Robert, I want to set the record straight about something. It happened quite a few years ago… (A movie rolls and now the scene changes to a new setting)

Lima, Peru, April 2007 – I’m in conversation with RR, about a planned mission to Cuba, for the purpose of “repatriating” Assata Shakur (Joanne Deborah Chesimard)

The conversation is centred around the financing of the mission and the logistics of ex-filtration (EXFIL). RR names Robert Young Pelton as the sponsor (It has since been established, without a doubt, that RYP is not the sponsor) and gives all assurances that there are mechanisms in place to ensure the smooth execution of the mission. I’m not very happy about the whole thing though. Firstly, because I know very little about RR and RYP and secondly because they are working on an FBI “reward” scheme, meaning that my payment depended on the FBI paying a reward (It “seems” the reward would have been paid by NJ Police), due after completion of the whole mission. RR assures me that The FBI and RYP are constantly in contact and that the location for her eventual “handing over” has been arranged with the Feds. All off the coast of Florida.

More importantly though, my own feelings on the issue were not in alignment with what was happening. I happen to have had no real reason for getting Assata out of Cuba. Despite the fact that I had absolutely no wish of working with the FBI (I have never trusted them) (unfortunately this is still very true) and my own misgivings about the “ethical” aspect of getting Assata out of Cuba, I agreed with RR to start the mission.

To ensure my own safety, I decide to employ an old trade-craft trick. I contact the Cuban embassy, informing them of some of the details of the mission and also arranging to work with them in this case. Naturally, they agree. They have always been so accommodating!

I have to interrupt the scene for a minute and add a few important details.

At that same time, records indicated that my name was “David Malcolm Campbell Robertson” and that I was being held by Bolivian authorities, in a police cell in La Paz, Bolivia. The British Embassy knows about me but they are actually clueless as to what to do…more about that later in the blog/book.

I’m mentioning this because I happen to know that it is physically impossible to be in two places at the same time….or is it?

The above facts are also mentioned because they should be open to confirmation by anyone who’s interested enough, or motivated enough, to do so. I know of at least two FBI agents, reading this blog right now, licking their lips in anticipation… :-)

Let’s continue… Wheels are set in motion and I travel from Lima to Havana, one of the most amazing places on earth! My arrival is closely monitored by Roberto Valdez, a “diplomatic official” but actually working for Cuban Intelligence. (Roberto, thanks for stopping by to read my blog. …Your chapter is also coming soon!)

Locating Assata is a synch and working out her daily routines proves no problem. She’s with a small security detail that spends more time drinking and flirting with girls than doing their job. The area she stays in also poses no problem for the purpose of her capture.

The roads from her house to Marina Hemingway, the extraction point I had in mind, are another matter altogether. Not only are they incredibly busy with mixed vehicular, bipedal and pedestrian traffic, but they are also quite well controlled by the local Police. Too many possible snags. A lot of work to do and all of it boring logistics!

Roberto and his entourage of wannabe-spies are having their days filled with activity. I lead them around Havana and visit some of the most fascinating places on earth. Being a drinking man at that time, I naturally enjoy copious amounts of Cuban rum and develop a liking for cigars.

Despite my Idyllic surroundings, problems are starting to appear. RR is reporting that RYP is not coming up with the money, promised for this mission. My own meagre funds are being eroded by unscheduled visits to alternative extraction points, changing locations (have to keep the Cubans busy), small bribes for information, living expenses (read cigars and RUM) and an increasingly problematic access to “secure” telephone and internet access.

RR stops communications altogether… Oh shit, something’s up!

Roberto senses the tension somehow and shows up at my hotel with about 50 teenager spies (seriously?), including a film crew and some heavies, added just for good measure.

My transfer to a holding cell in the centre of Havana is reasonably painless but the endless interrogations that follow are not. Day after day of really monotonous attempts at framing and structuring any kind of sensible case follows. My only real worry, at this stage, is my lack of cigarettes. That and my growing worry about the end of communications with RR, prior to my detention, sets my nerves on edge and I finally lose patience with the process they had intended for me to endure.

A few weeks later, following a hilarious attempt at filming me saying terrible things about the crooks who set me up, I am escorted by a few military guards to the airport. During my detention I had managed to get some paper (tissue/toilet paper) and a pen. (Do you have ANY idea how difficult that is from a Cuban Intelligence detention cell?) I had scribbled a note to Roberto on the paper and had it with me, ready to hand to him when I next see him. He does show up at the airport with a few senior-looking officials but they seem a bit apprehensive about coming within range… My handover of the note was complicated but achieved.

Having received the full DNA swabbing and stern “You are expelled, if you ever return you will be arrested on arrival!” speech from the Cubans, I am placed on the plane back to Lima.

All my attempts at contact with RR are met with silence. I had spent my own funds on this trip and I wanted the money back. That and answers… Many questions were unanswered and many people simply didn’t communicate anything at all.

As mentioned at the start, I want RYP to read this blog and by now, I have set certain things in motion to assure that he does get to read it. In my opinion, he should set right what was started many years ago and also pay me what was agreed. No interest added or anything, just the original amount. (It has been confirmed beyond any doubt, that RYP although being in contact with RR during this mission, was not the paymaster.)

Will he pay? I don’t know, that part is up to him.

And what happens if he doesn’t pay me what he owes? Let’s not speculate too much. I am sure he is an honorable person. (Again, I am happy to confirm that he is indeed, a very honorable person and went beyond the perfunctory to set the records straight in this case … The only problem that remains, is how to rid my self of the envy for his immaculate penmanship!…Damn, even his email communications are little books!)

In writing the above, I have to say that many important facts were left out intentionally.

  • RR is someone that should have been a part of this chapter. His name is not used, out of respect for his family. Unfortunately that also necessitated that I remove some pertinent details from the story.
  • Should I choose to include them later, I’ll update this chapter before publishing the book.

…end of part 1

As promised, this book is about real events, real people and it is not only about the past. It is also about the present and future. My fascination with TRUTH is something that has caused a lot of trouble for me (and others).

As this blog and eventual book continues to take shape, you will come to see that it won’t contain “Snowden type” revelations. I am just a normal guy, so my revelations are of a much more personal nature.

Bangkok, Thailand, 5 December 2015, 13:30

Part 2- The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Because I started a “imagined conversation” type of setting in part 1, I’ll not to break the scene. Besides, my imagination is too tired to carry all the imagined scenery around!

Instead, let’s imagine that the conversation with RYP is over. He has gone back to check his emails and right now is wiring me money or sending a check (Cheque where I come from) to the tune of 10,000.00 Dollars.

That would be was a really good ending for part 1, not only will it fund the initial phases of the book, but it will did also set right a situation that started a long time ago.

So, sitting at the same table, I notice a familiar silhouette in the further reaches of the room. Holy Shit! It’s him, it really is. He has made his way to my imagine room and I have a chance to speak with him. Mano-a-mano so to speak!

Mr Zuckerberg, wow, what an honor! (notice the tone of my voice, I actually sound respectful)

ME: Mark, I  won’t waste your time, I’m really happy for you and your wife about the baby but that’s not what I wanted to chat about. I need to warn you about something that’s happening right now. To you also…and the only reason you’re here is actually that your daughter saved your life!

MZ: Look, I don’t have time to waste with crazy ideas. How could my daughter have saved my life…She’s only a few days old? Say your piece or I’ll call security!

ME: Uhm…With all due respect Mr. Zuckerberg, you can’t do that!

MZ: Why the hell not?

ME: Cos I’m the one writing this blog and this conversation never really took place…You see it would be me deciding if security gets called, or not.

MZ: OK, whatever, just get on with it, Max needs a feed.(He sounds pretty cheesed off, I better say my piece before he decides to leave)

ME: Mark, right now, your technology is being used in an almost weaponized form, against many people, including you. It’s based on “triggers” and high profile individuals, like yourself, are being targeted.

MZ: Do you have any idea who I am? I practically invented this stuff! Facebook and all my other companies use legitimate software. How dare you accuse me of this…

ME: Sorry to interrupt sir, I am not accusing YOU! What I am saying is that there are people that have taken your GOOD triggers (The one’s used to make people play more games and send more messages and visit more sites etc. ) and they have practically weaponised it to use against people, like you. The ONLY reason you are here, chatting with me right now, is because your daughters birth caused a “distraction” strong enough to draw you away from their regular interactions with you. Haven’t you noticed that your thinking has suddenly become CLEARER and NICER, for some inexplicable reason?

MZ: I’m thinking clearer and nicer because I am having maternity leave and also spend some amazing time with my wife and daughter. Besides that, I’m actually a nice guy. More than ever before I’m..

ME: Sir, sorry to interrupt you again, I swear it’s only because I am the one writing this that I have the guts to do it. If you and I were actually together in the room I would never interrupt you like this…But I want to ask you to do ONLY ONE THING, and then pay me YOUR one months salary afterwards. Please sir, have some of your script magicians look at this. Despite your opinion of them, some of them are fucking incredible at what they do! My personal opinion is that it is probably of Russian origin, but I have no way of confirming that.

MZ: (thinking that giving me his month salary is like cheating me…hehehe…ONE DOLLAR and this crazy gets lost…Fair enough, I’ll humor him.) OK Deal, I’ll have someone look into it.

ME: Thank you sir, you have certainly set my mind at rest on this issue!

For those that know what I was discussing above, I suggest you help Mark find the culprits!

OK, crazy as this may seem, I am 100% sure that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg will be honest and pay me the promised one dollar. I know this because I am the one writing it!

For legal purposes, I have to say the above discussion never took place. If it did, I would have asked for a bit more than a dollar! …  🙂

On the serious side, right now as you are reading this, there are people that are using social engineering techniques, combined with software and aiming them at many high profile individuals.

That’ s the ONLY way that could explain MZ ending up reading my blog!

…end of part 2

As promised, this was a longer chapter and  although I presented both people with a slight bit of humor included, the issues at hand are REAL and in some cases DEADLY.

See you all again tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 42 – The road to hell…

    1. 🙂 Confusion is not unusual, in my life also! Right now the chapters are not in order of how the book will be published, instead, they are in the order that they are written. I have some notes about that on the “chapters” page also. The idea is an attempt (as all ideas are) of writing the BLOOK but keeping SOME semblance of order. In addition, the blog will have some seriously INTERACTIVE events happening (when I can get it going again) relating to the people therein (some being arrested, others just “setting things right” ex Robert Young Pelton – The Road to Hell. )…TIMING here is crucial…in addition to some other behind-the scenes things that I have to put in place for it all to work out… More about that later! It should be kept in mind that these are related to REAL events and real people, so legal and other consequences are not only possible, but certainly expected. Just another reason why I don’t publish under my own name, for now. The easiest way to read the blook now, is to go to the storybook page and go down the date-line 😉 … Sorry to cause confusion… I AM a newby at this after all…lol


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