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Bangkok, 12 December 2015, 08:20

This page is added as the result of repeated requests and questions about my real identity. Not wanting to jade my readers with a blow-by-blow account of a really mundane life, I shall try to introduce myself… inasmuch as my limited writing skills allow.

In my attempting at giving you an accurate rendition, I realize that you would struggle to identify some entries in my blog with this image. The blog entries would likely be met with mixed emotions and reactions of skepticism, revulsion, boredom, amazement, anger, criticism… and hopefully also amusement.

Who am I?

Walking down the street, you would not notice me easily, though not unattractive or ugly, I am not handsome or even appear to be outstanding in any significant way.

In conversation with me, you might find yourself speaking a lot more than you anticipated. Being a good listener and always willing to offer empathy, I don’t say much. An “Economy of words” would perhaps describe that accurately. Seeing myself as an uneducated person, your experience of talking with me would really depend on your own skill-set and reason/s for engaging in that conversation. Having had the blessing of truly ancient surroundings and also the unwelcome companionship of the modern world, I converse easily in quite a few languages, spoken and digital…written and coded.

When facing me as an adversary, the experience would probably not be pleasant because I don’t follow so-called rules in taking up that challenge. Schoolyard fights (with fists and anything within reach) and grown-up fights (with guns and other weapons) have taught me to not advertise my strengths and not to market my abilities. More importantly, I fight to get it done with, not with anger, malice or crazed convictions. Verbal challenges and spoken assaults have always interested me and I hold them, jealously guarded in my memory… as treasures and sources of information, not as a reason for ire!

From analyzing me, you are bound to find me rather uninteresting to the extent of being boring… the experience soon forgotten and your notes, a series of doodles or unfinished remarks, easily misfiled in indistinct categories or even misplaced.

I like animals and people that tell good lies, the lies not designed at getting me implicated in some nefarious scheme

photo used as header of this blog is a cartooned image of me. At the conclusion of my blog, it will be updated with the original version. Ladies, beware… and still your hearts for now! (lol)

Life has taught me a myriad of lessons, some of which will be shared with you in the hope that they might serve as inspiration, caution or light entertainment. Unfortunately, the textbook-of-life is not copyrighted and I know that some of my readers also had the same teachers… your sharing of those experiences is encouraged and appreciated.

Religions, convictions, beliefs, principals, morals… – I do proclaim to posses a mixture of those ingredients but the recipe has not been perfected and I am unsure about the outcome of this particular dish… Some refined palates might not find it to their liking!

In a nutshell… I am not Fat Milton!

Should you want to contact me for any reason, you can do it here below.