Open Letter to Trump

An Open Letter to POTUS 2016

Bangkok, 23 December 2015, 09:52


Dear Mr. Trump

In starting this open letter to you, I have to expound on a few issues and also make it clear that I don’t like you…at all! That being said, I have been in the military for many years and understand that “not liking someone” does not mean you can’t work with them or for them…

Let me not waste more words, your ascension to the coveted status of POTUS is CERTAIN but keeping that position is far from being so!

The only reason you will reach that position, is because the American people need you right now, as never before in the history of mankind. With you as president, there is a slight chance of avoiding the next phase of the current World War and not entering into worldwide armed conflict on a scale of extinction! Look around… where does America NOT have some kind of military presence, overtly or covertly involved in activities?

Your uncouth, injudicious and brusque manners aside, you have thus far stuck to the TRUTH, something I hold in high regard. Despite your alleged exposure to a good education, you seem to have survived that indoctrination attempt reasonably intact and with a few of your senses still functional.

My main reason for writing this letter follows…

The run-up to the elections is crucial and I advise EXTREME measures at ensuring your own safety in the next year, along with that of your family. Now is not the time to get assassinated by the warmongering Wardustrialists that are in power, even more so behind the scenes of the presidential candidate podiums.

The American people depend on your very survival because there is no replacement and the alternatives are worse than any horror script could produce. Mr Trump, I’m not an American…perhaps that qualifies me even more to write this letter.

If you fail to ensure your own survival… because there will be attempts at ending your life (probably disguised as some Islama-something-or-other crazy)… I have NO HOPE for us as a species!

Some free advice: Try and read a few books and watch a few documentaries about women (NOT the Hillary kind, REAL women!)… Who knows, you might just learn something from them and in doing so, realize that women are actually the ONLY reason the USA is still functional, to a degree.

Flattering myself that you would read… and even more importantly… that you would UNDERSTAND this letter, I bid you farewell and many sleepless nights about what you are doing!