Chapter 43 – Keyboard heroes

Keyboard Heroes

Bangkok, 7 December, 14:25

The virtual ink has hardly dried on my latest chapter and here I am again, aren’t you the lucky one’s. Two blog entries in one day! This chapter deals with “Keyboard Heroes“, in other words, people that have no grip on reality or real events and become heroes, albeit in their own minds, two-finger-typing things that they haven’t the slightest clue about.

keyboard hero

If you notice a slight bit of venom in that statement, you are quite correct in assuming that these kinds of people really fascinate me!

The internet is full of people, mostly real people with families, jobs, sports or hobbies and they live their lives with real issues to face every day. It is, unfortunately so, also filled to an unnaturally large degree, with people that have none of the above or too little of the above to truly define themselves or to make themselves feel worthy, have value in someone else’s opinion or “be seen” as a participant in life. For a variety of reasons, they are forced to see the world and can also only be seen, through their internet connection. Knowing that this Blog is LIVE, I have no doubt that some people, reading it right now, know that I am talking about them specifically, Right Kurt et al?

You see besides blogging, I also have a daytime job that all-too-often turns into a night-time-job. An unavoidable perk of my life and sometimes a bit of a headache for my wife. Having had the opportunity to work in official and unofficial capacities in the intelligence/information industry, I have met many of these “keyboard bound” people face to face. Most of those encounters were work related and consisted of briefings, debriefings, reports and a whole slew of things that I generally try to shy away from. Paperwork, or nowadays data capture work, has never really appealed to me. The result, I liked them…A LOT! To me the keyboard heroes (then) were the guys and gals that could get me out of a really unpleasant task. The greatest gift anyone could offer me, would be a little robot that could do all those things. Modern computing has made it easier, but the DRUDGE (Dull-Repetitive-Ugly-Damnable-Ghastly-Endless) factor is still way too high for my liking.

This blog is a “necessary evil” as far as that is concerned, so I do it with gusto because it HAS to be done! Whatever possessed me to visit a forum, where I have been an infrequent visitor since 2007, is quite beyond my mortal comprehension. My visit was actually aimed at one of the chapters and trying to confirm information relating to that chapter. Suffice to say that it didn’t go well at all. Besides immediately drawing the wrong kind of attention…you guessed it…from the keyboard heroes en loco parentis, my whole visit (now more than one) was embittered by stupid and careless remarks, quite out of context. This could all happen because the Forum owner was away, so the script kiddies were at play! Not that the forum owner wasn’t aware of what was happening, just that he was (let’s be kind) busy with something else.

Now my question is a simple one? Why have a forum if your participants’ only contributions are aimed at undermining others?

More accurately, if you go into a forum and everyone there seems to have their noses really high up the forum owners ass. So high, in fact,  that they all have the same brown mustache and that their ONLY comments were derogatory, devoid of facts, tactless and inflammatory…and done simply based on a post about their supreme leader?

Well, I know you have probably faced similar situations and so have I to a lesser degree. But the last two days have necessitated a decision. No more forums for me. Against my own better judgement, I am back at that very same forum. It is unfortunately a source of some very vital communications… Note to future self.. DONT BLOG SHIT THOUGHTS , BECAUSE YOU PROMISED NOT TO WIPE THE ENTRIES! Let them play their…whatever that game is and do what they do best. My life is already a lot better for not being a part of it.

Part two was not scheduled for today and it had a very different title. You can be sure that, as a direct result of today, the next blog posting about the forum in question will be a wild and wonderful ride. Hold on tight guys!

Oh…and thank you for letting me cry on your collective virtual shoulders.. 🙂

See you again tomorrow with some startling news, a few personal anecdotes and a LOT of coffee.

Hasta mañana