ABOUT – The Fat Milton Story

…not about Fat Milton, but that’s where the story starts…

Writing a story, or rather my life’s story, is what I hope to accomplish here. Join me on this journey that will take about TWO YEARS and that I sincerely hope will be interesting, interactive and entertaining, not to mention unusual!

But First…some free tips!

  • TIP 1: For the easily confused, it’s easier to follow the whole blog from the STORYBOARD 😉
  • TIP 2: If you get bored reading “about” pages, just skip the rest and go to the Storyboard link above or click HERE to go to the CHAPTERS page.
  • TIP 3: Follow me here in WordPress or Google+ for regular updates
  • TIP 4: Share this blook (Blog that will become a book) with your mates! – Who knows, you might just read about yourself, or even better, about your friends in here!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Read the ROAD TO HELL chapter and been following your blog since. Unique and entertaining. Some interesting twists. I am convinced the final product will be worth publishing, Especially if all or most of it of it is true.

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  2. Thank you Bernie, I am sorry to say that all is true… SO, all the more reason to keep reading 🙂 Thanks also for your email and valuable publishing advice. It seems you have been down this road.


      1. Hi Jay
        Thanks for the visit to my little blook and for taking the time to comment.
        Crazy it certainly is and I am sorry to say that it’s only the start…lol.. It gets ludicrous and perhaps all the synonyms for deranged as the story unfolds. This is just a very MILD and hopefully palatable introduction to my life…. Two more years of writing and I’ll be sure to keep a spot for you, right next to me on the cockamamie express 😉


          1. Jay, your compliments leave me humbled… and pretty anxious…lol. Knowing your high standards, I am happy that you found it enjoyable. Hopefully I can get the space issue sorted out soon and provide some more light entertainment.


  3. This book is definitely going to be a page turner! I was really intrigued by your first chapter. There are some paragraphs that you would need to refine but you’ve got a really strong hook here. I’d love to get my hands on your final copy 🙂

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    1. Hi Robyn
      Thank you for your kind comment and opinion. Unfortunately I am stuck “between a rock and a hard place” with the blook (blog that wants to become a book one day) but I am still writing… With a little luck I should be able to get back to blogging soon. 🙂 As regards the book, it will take about another two years to resemble anything publishable. Hope I can let you have a copy then.

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  4. Naughty you 🙂 That means you have not read my “about” page…lol
    Right now the problem is financial, let’s hope I can get that sorted out. I’ll let you know… But only if you promise to keep reading and offering advice :-p


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